interior design

“Each project requires an extraordinary amount of time in the design studio, on the job site, and with the client, to successfully complete the home in a way that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.”

— Margie King, ASID Allied

Interior Design is headed by Margaret Anne King, ASID Allied. For over two decades, Mrs. King has earned a reputation as one of Houston’s top residential interior designers.

Mrs. King takes on independent interior design commissions as well as being involved in all KRDI Design/Build commissions. Each project is unique and always a reflection of the client’s desires.

She and her interior design staff are involved in the early stages of architectural design with each King Residential Design Inc Design/Build client. Interior design input is critical, even in the beginning stages of architectural design. The homes architecture, construction details, and furnishings are crystallized to create continuity for all phases of the project. Each phase is implemented with regard for how the homeowners will actually live in the home, and not just how the home will look. The interior designer assists the architect in determining room sizes, furniture arrangements, circulation patterns, wall and lighting requirements for artwork, and many other design requirements that need to be resolved and included in a complete and thoughtful architectural design.

Superior interior design gives voice to every hallway, every pathway. Window treatments, artwork, and fireplace mantles frame gathering places and embrace the custom look and feel. KRDI design professionals listen to the client, draw from their inspirations, and design to fulfill the client’s desires.