design / build

“Fine homebuilding is the most personal, complex, diverse, and sensitive type of construction.”

— Russell King, Architect

In the architectural design phase of the Design/Build process, KRDI conducts in-depth discussions with the client to determine their expectations and cover such issues as site conditions, room and circulation requirements, budget, and preferences in architectural style. The design is developed with three-dimensional computer models, using the latest CAD technology. The client is able to experience the proposed design through a virtual tour of the home. The client is offered options considering quality, cost, and time. Realistic budgets are developed and construction documents are completed. Using these extensively detailed and specified construction documents, KRDI bids major elements of the construction to several qualified subcontractors and suppliers, assuring the client is getting the highest quality materials and workmanship for competitive prices.

KRDI has a unique process of construction management specifically developed for maximum client involvement. This assures that the final project is a finely built home, unique to the client, and completed on schedule and within budget. Russell King, Architect, and Margie King, ASID Allied each play a hands on role in all phases of KRDI’s design/build process, and to maintain their high standards, they limit the number of projects they will undertake. The firm’s design/build program coordinates all of the design and construction services for the client’s convenience at competitive professional fees.

KRDI, through its Design / Build process, incorporates many fast track procedures during the design and construction process for the convenience of the client. They schedule and build knowing the clients are anxiously awaiting the home of their dreams. The clients are a very important part of the process, and KRDI updates and involves the clients during every aspect of the design, budgeting, and construction process, knowing this is very probably one of the largest investments of their lifetimes.

The King Residential, Inc. professional Design/Build program, using its select in-house staff of architects, interior designers and construction professionals, offers vastly more comprehensive services than those offered by so called design/build homebuilders. Through its Design/ Build program, KRDI, assumes the ultimate responsibility for the entire project – eliminating the “finger pointing” that all too often occurs between homebuilders and independent designers and architects during the construction period.